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Employee Education

Educating employees about retirement is a lifelong process. Some employees may need to learn about the fundamentals of retirement planning and the need to put money aside for the future. Others may need support as they face competing demands on their savings, such as college costs. Pre-retirees need guidance on how to create a lifetime income stream from their retirement savings and retirees need guidance in managing their lifetime savings so that it will last for the rest of their lives.

NowPlanSM is a needs-based employee education program designed to drive action and change participant behavior. The goal of NowPlanSM is to empower employees with knowledge and information to help them work toward a well-planned, fully-funded retirement.

  • A proactive, customized approach keeps participants focused on progress toward retirement funding goals.
  • In-depth guides help employees match appropriate investment options to their savings goals and risk profile.
  • Online, in-person, and print communications enable employees to take action at their own pace and whenever their situations and goals change.

Online Guided Support for Retirement

The centerpiece of our personalized educational support is SmartPlan, a web-based interactive tool that allows participants to decide when and how they are ready to learn and take action. They can return to the program throughout their retirement continuum as their needs and goals change.

SmartPlan is a guided learning tool that enables employees to create a template for their individual retirement needs. Using video and interactive online questionnaires, it results in:

  • A customized risk profile.
  • Personalized investment option selection and contribution level.
  • Completed enrollment automatically posted to our recordkeeper site and an Investor Profile.

The unique customizable approach may help increase participation rates, improve deferral rates and promote the benefits of the retirement plan.

More Customized Education Features

Retirement Gateway® offers a communication and education process designed around specific plan needs. Customized support may include programs and individual guidance, from pre-enrollment through pre-retirement, including:

  • Customized pre-enrollment and enrollment materials and dedicated Education Consultants.
  • Educational seminars on conversion, deferral increases, asset allocation and more.

The participant website provides support for retirement questions at every age.

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