Do-it Yourself Investors

Choices for "Do-It-Yourself" Investors who want to manage their own portfolios

For employees who would like to more actively manage their portfolios, Retirement Gateway® offers a diverse selection of investment options managed by many well-known asset managers.

Broad selection of Investment Options representing all major asset classes

A plan has access to a diverse array of investment options from some of the most distinguished names in the money management industry, representing major investment categories, including:

  • Domestic Equity
  • International/Global
  • Sector/Specialty
  • Fixed-Income

Guaranteed Interest Option (GIO)

The GIO provides a stated minimum interest rate. If the current interest rate is higher than the GIO's minimum rate, then the current higher rate will be credited to the plan account. The GIO is backed by the claims-paying ability of Equitable.

Stable Value Fund

The Stable Value Fund seeks to provide for the return of invested capital while earning income, minimizing market risk, meeting plan liquidity needs for benefit-related withdrawals and certain transfers to other investment options, and providing issuer and investment diversification.

Equitable does not guarantee the principal amount of, or the rate of interest on, Stable Value Fund investments or the credit-worthiness of any issuers of securities or contracts purchased by the Stable Value Fund.

Individually Directed Account

The Individually Directed Account (IDA) is a brokerage account that is managed by individual participants. It provides employees with additional investment flexibility and control over their retirement plan account, while expanding the investment offering to meet the needs of employees with varying levels of knowledge and experience. The IDA allows participants to buy or sell a broad range of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, brokered CDs, publicly-traded limited partnerships, mortgage backed, government and other securities1.

Automatic Asset Rebalancing

This optional feature ensures that an employee's account will periodically be rebalanced, so that the ratio of stocks to bonds in the account will be reset to ratio originally designated as the account's target asset allocation. Employees should periodically review their allocation percentages as their needs change and discuss the strategy with their advisor before electing it. Please note that rebalancing does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Personal Income BenefitSM [ 2 ] - guaranteed withdrawals for life

The Personal Income BenefitSM is designed to help address the impact of longevity, market volatility, and inflation on retirement income. It is a way for employees to turn their retirement savings into a Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount that provides lifetime payments, income protection, and market growth potential.

  • Lifetime payments — Once Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount (GAWA) payments starts, they continue for as long as an employee (an employee and his/her spouse) lives.
  • Income Protection — The amount an employee may withdraw under this feature will never decrease, even if the Personal Income BenefitSM account value drops to zero due to market losses or permitted GAWA withdrawals.
  • Market Growth Potential — Investment earnings on the Personal Income BenefitSM account value can increase the annual withdrawal amount.

To make the Personal Income BenefitSM available to employees, employers simply add the feature to their plan by making the PIB Equitable Balanced Strategy investment option one of the available investment options in their plan. Each employee can then have the option of activating the Personal Income BenefitSM by transferring some or all of the account value and/or future contributions into the PIB Equitable Balanced Strategy investment option. In addition to investment management fees, employees that activate the Personal Income BenefitSM will pay an additional fee for the feature. The Personal Income BenefitSM feature is not appropriate if employees do not intend to take withdrawals prior to annuitization.

1Additional review of assets may be required to determine administrative acceptability. Subject to Plan limitations, prohibited transaction restrictions, and U.S. Bank's permissible investment guidelines. Annual valuation, additional appraisals as required and other expenses may apply.

2Early withdrawals from Personal Income BenefitSM account value or withdrawals from Personal Income BenefitSM account value that exceed the Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal may significantly reduce or eliminate the value of the Personal Income BenefitSM. An early withdrawal is caused when a participant takes a withdrawal from their Personal Income BenefitSM account value before they have elected to begin receiving your Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount payments. An excess withdrawal is caused when they withdraw more than their Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount in any contract year from their Personal Income BenefitSM account value. The Personal Income BenefitSM feature is not appropriate if employees do not intend to take withdrawals prior to annuitization. If an employer chooses not to offer the Personal Income BenefitSM variable investment option, its employees can still elect one of the available distribution options under the plan.

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