Investment Options

Providing a selection of appropriate investment choices to employees is one of the most important roles as plan sponsor.

Employees may be overwhelmed by too many investment choices and consequently may make inappropriate investment decisions. Retirement Gateway® gives employees both wide-ranging flexibility and the ability to provide investment strategies that can help meet their needs - from the beginner to the sophisticated investor.

Choices for Investors who are looking for an easy One-Step Investment approach

Employees may have little investment experience or simply be too busy to oversee their retirement portfolio. For these investors - and for those who do not indicate an investment preference - Retirement Gateway® offers several possibilities.

Target Date Allocation Portfolios — Target Date Allocation Portfolios offer a simplified investment approach to participants. These portfolios automatically shift, from predominately stocks to predominately bonds and cash, as employees get closer to their anticipated retirement dates.

Risk-Based Asset Allocation Portfolios — For employees who wish to invest in pre-selected portfolios based on their personal objectives and risk tolerance.

Choices for "Do-It-Yourself" Investors who want to manage their own portfolios

For employees who would like to more actively manage their portfolios, Retirement Gateway® offers a diverse selection of investment options managed by many well-known and highly regarded asset managers. The investment options available are dependent on which product type is chosen, Portal I, Portal II, or Portal III. The Portals provide flexibility on how to structure a plan from a cost and investment option lineup perspective. A Retirement Program Specialist can explain the differences based on the various product choices.

Please note: Investment options are subject to market risk, including loss of principal.

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